Room reservation calendar

room booking calendar

There is no need to convince anyone about how popular the room booking calendar is. Easily, quickly and with full control you can find your dream accommodation. Tourists are increasingly choosing this, and not another form of accommodation reservation. Why keep a booking calendar? There are many reasons! Let’s start with the fact that traditional booking methods go away into oblivion. There are reasons for this, because the internet takes control of every area of life. Online bookings are convenient, simple, fully controlful, and can be made from anywhere at any time.

More and more sites have a room booking calendar. This is a useful tool because it facilitates the whole procedure for both you and your client. Our guest receives information about the available rooms at the property, the prices valid at the selected time and a confirmation of the reservation. You, as the owner, receive the most important information related to the tourist, his expectations related to the stay. You also have total control over the number of rooms available on specific dates. The room reservation calendar is a friendly way for us to automate your work, related to booking accommodation at any time of the day or night. It is designed for owners of accommodation facilities and includes a number of facilities that help in the efficient and easy management of the accommodation facility. The system is not complicated to use and can easily cope with it by a person who is dealing with a computer or mobile devices.

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    WILLA Jastrzębia Góra

    "The selection of the booking system made our work much easier. Thanks to it, we can focus on customer service, and at the same time save a lot on commissions from Booking."

    NEPTUN PARK Gdańsk

    "We want our clients to feel at their best while relaxing. Therefore, thanks to the delegation of certain technical matters, we were able to take care of their comfort. We recommend using this application."

    Constans Holiday Skegness UK

    " I would like to highly recommend the MedalBooking App to everyone. They deserve it because they are professional, specific and meet deadlines. The cooperation goes without any problems, they are very flexible and helpful. Best regards. Michal Ciepielewski ."


    " Managing all information in one place made our work a lot easier. Especially the transition from the "card" system to the IT system. In addition, the synchronization of various booking sources - it made work easier and faster. "

    Hotel Zamek pod Brzozami Krynica Zdrój

    " It was a good idea to renovate our old Hotel website with a new one, with a customer booking engine. Thank you for your quick work and changing the page to a new one. "