Channel Manager what it is

channel manager what it is

If you’re new to the hotel business and don’t know what to use, read this article. Channel Manager what is it? Is this a tool for you? What can you gain from it? The former hotel receptions were equipped with notebooks with tables in which reservations were made. Maybe you use such a system yourself? It is simple, but quite unreliable if guests simultaneously call, write emails and make reservations online. It’s easy then about overbooking.

Channel Manager what is it?

Each place where a customer makes reservations is your sales channel. These can be direct channels, i.e. phone, mail and object page. Be indirect, Channel Manager is used to determine the prices and availability of rooms on each channel and to automatically reduce the number of available rooms after a reservation has been made. Each booking will automatically reduce the number of rooms on the remaining channels. It saves time and nerves. This way, you won’t have to log in to all your channels and manually apply changes.

Channel Manager what is it? This system ensures that guests do not book the same room twice. It will allow you to fully manage the prices of your rooms. You will be able to set price lists for different options. All incoming bookings from your site will automatically reduce availability on other channels, and vice versa. Booking on one channel will reduce availability on another.

What will Channel Manager provide you with?

  • OTA support,
  • Certified connections,
  • Set up price lists and availability
  • Modernity and development,
  • Reporting
  • Support in creating change.

It’s a great tool for managing your hotel!

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    WILLA Jastrzębia Góra

    "The selection of the booking system made our work much easier. Thanks to it, we can focus on customer service, and at the same time save a lot on commissions from Booking."

    NEPTUN PARK Gdańsk

    "We want our clients to feel at their best while relaxing. Therefore, thanks to the delegation of certain technical matters, we were able to take care of their comfort. We recommend using this application."

    Constans Holiday Skegness UK

    " I would like to highly recommend the MedalBooking App to everyone. They deserve it because they are professional, specific and meet deadlines. The cooperation goes without any problems, they are very flexible and helpful. Best regards. Michal Ciepielewski ."


    " Managing all information in one place made our work a lot easier. Especially the transition from the "card" system to the IT system. In addition, the synchronization of various booking sources - it made work easier and faster. "

    Hotel Zamek pod Brzozami Krynica Zdrój

    " It was a good idea to renovate our old Hotel website with a new one, with a customer booking engine. Thank you for your quick work and changing the page to a new one. "