Full list of Medal Booking functionality

Below is a complete list of features of the accommodation management system:

Functions on the part of the owner of the accommodation:

  • Fixed fee with no additional commission on monthly income
  • More direct bookings,
  • Fast online payments,
  • Integration with the website -> booking system and site in one!
  • Full automation and easy operation,
  • Two-way synchronization with Booking, Airbnb, Expedia and others,
  • Email notifications
  • Comprehensive management of the facility,
  • Access on smartphones,
  • Cleaning management,
  • Reports
  • Task Manager,
  • The ability to add a photo gallery of an object,
  • CMS content management,
  • SSL-certified site security
  • Presentation of the object with gallery and information about the rental,
  • Provide a panel to manage an object,
  • One or more language versions depending on the cooperation undertaken,
  • Possibility to set prices for a given rental day of the property,
  • Synchronization of object availability through a ical file with the system e.g. Booking.com Airbnb.com Nighting and the like,
  • Accepting payments from tenants (to choose from) through channels such as: traditional transfer, PayPal, fast online transfers Transfers24, payment on the spot,
  • Selection of available dates and objects from the calendar,
  • The possibility of implementing any number of accommodation facilities per system (within a given activity and website),
  • Manage bookings and changes to their statuses
  • E-mail notifications with booking status for the owner of the objects,
  • Edit the content of the site and offer by cms panel,
  • Responsive version of the application,
  • Possibility to set any amount of payment for the reservation, e.g. an advance payment, for example, 100 Euro, payment for the entire stay in advance or payment for the whole stay at check-in.

Features on the client/tourist side of the booking facility:

  • Fast online payments,
  • Advance (deposit) payments, PayPal payment on the spot
  • Intuitive accommodation reservation,
  • accepting bookings from tenants with the possibility of booking and without the need to create an account
  • possibility of sending a request for quotation by the tenant to the owner of the property
  • e-mail notifications with booking status for tenants (tourists)
  • responsive version of the application – the ability to make a reservation by phone type smartphone or tablet
  • information about the property with gallery and rental information
  • the possibility to place an order as a registered user or without having to register in the
  • The system can be prepared in the following languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Finnish, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Italian, Portuguese, Hungarian.
  • The number of languages will be taken into account when creating an offer and a quote.

What are the main advantages of the room reservation system? It is versatile, responsive, saves our time and makes it easier for us to work. The system works on different devices, both desktop and mobile, and through various web browsers. Accessing it from your tablet or computer is not a problem.

The room reservation system allows us to save a lot of time, which we would have to spend on manually creating a booking calendar. It gives us great comfort and full control over the management of the facility.

The room reservation system is designed for owners of accommodation facilities, both large and smaller. Our program includes a number of facilities to help you manage your apartments efficiently and easily. It will help you organize and manage the work on the object 24h/7!

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    WILLA FARYS.pl Jastrzębia Góra

    "The selection of the booking system made our work much easier. Thanks to it, we can focus on customer service, and at the same time save a lot on commissions from Booking."

    NEPTUN PARK Gdańsk

    "We want our clients to feel at their best while relaxing. Therefore, thanks to the delegation of certain technical matters, we were able to take care of their comfort. We recommend using this application."

    Constans Holiday Skegness UK

    " I would like to highly recommend the MedalBooking App to everyone. They deserve it because they are professional, specific and meet deadlines. The cooperation goes without any problems, they are very flexible and helpful. Best regards. Michal Ciepielewski ."


    " Managing all information in one place made our work a lot easier. Especially the transition from the "card" system to the IT system. In addition, the synchronization of various booking sources - it made work easier and faster. "

    Hotel Zamek pod Brzozami Krynica Zdrój

    " It was a good idea to renovate our old Hotel website with a new one, with a customer booking engine. Thank you for your quick work and changing the page to a new one. "