Room reservation system

room reservation system

Today, there are many different options for booking accommodation in hotels, guesthouses and other accommodation facilities. There is a special room reservation system and the possibility to make a reservation through one of the popular portals such as Airbnb There are many options available to customers. Why encourage customers to book a room through the room reservation system directly on the website?

Modern technologies, internet access, as well as developments in computer science make it possible today to have a lot of opportunities to communicate with customers. The room reservation system shows offers of different standards and in different parts of the world. Thanks to this, the customer can easily book accommodation in a hotel at the other end of Polish or in a completely different country hundreds or thousands of kilometers away. It is worth using the booking system directly on our website. The client will be sure that the room will be waiting for him.

Our system guarantees that everything in the system will save correctly. Customers will only be able to select dates that are available at any given time. The risk of missing reservations and any other communication problems will certainly be much lower than if you use external portals and partners.

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    What do you gain from our room reservation system?

    • Cloud app
    • channel manager
    • Fast online payments
    • more direct bookings,
    • integration with your website
    • full automation,
    • synchronization with booking systems, e.g., AirBnb


    Nowadays, there are many possibilities to book accommodation in hotels, guesthouses and other accommodation facilities. The reservation system has most establishments. Why choose to use the room reservation system at the accommodation facility?

    First of all, it is a convenient solution. It allows us to integrate the booking calendar from our website with portals such as, or airbnb. No more overbooking! The room reservation system shows offers of different standards. It allows the client to book a room from the other end Polish the world, without having to make phone calls or send emails. The room reservation system ensures that all information is saved correctly. Customers will only have to choose a date. The risk of missing a reservation in our system is really small.

    Examples of implementation:

    We encourage you to try our system.


    WILLA Jastrzębia Góra

    "The selection of the booking system made our work much easier. Thanks to it, we can focus on customer service, and at the same time save a lot on commissions from Booking."

    NEPTUN PARK Gdańsk

    "We want our clients to feel at their best while relaxing. Therefore, thanks to the delegation of certain technical matters, we were able to take care of their comfort. We recommend using this application."

    Constans Holiday Skegness UK

    " I would like to highly recommend the MedalBooking App to everyone. They deserve it because they are professional, specific and meet deadlines. The cooperation goes without any problems, they are very flexible and helpful. Best regards. Michal Ciepielewski ."


    " Managing all information in one place made our work a lot easier. Especially the transition from the "card" system to the IT system. In addition, the synchronization of various booking sources - it made work easier and faster. "

    Hotel Zamek pod Brzozami Krynica Zdrój

    " It was a good idea to renovate our old Hotel website with a new one, with a customer booking engine. Thank you for your quick work and changing the page to a new one. "